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LED fluorescent lamps and fluorescent contrast Mar 04, 2017

1, energy saving. 2, long life LED lamp. 3, good applicability, LED by single small size, can be made into any shape. 4, short response time, it is ns (nanoseconds) level of response time, while ordinary lamps is Ms (milliseconds) level of response time. 5, environmental protection, no harmful metals, easier to recycle the waste. 6, colorful, glowing color, spectral range is narrow, and through red, green, and blue primary colors mix into seven colors or white light.

Disadvantages: 1, costs a lot. 2, would be able to achieve efficiency and theoretical efficiency is still a big gap. 3, can do the life and theory of life (10W hours) there is still a big gap. 4, still has a certain amount of heat. 5, light failure can also be greatly reduced.

However, these shortcomings can be overcome through technology improvements, so even if the LED light is also not completely replace the traditional light source, but with the development of technology, must have LED the world in the future.