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Types and uses of UV curing lamps Mar 04, 2017

UV curing lamps according to different requirements, can be divided into high pressure mercury vapour discharge lamp and two low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp. Is mainly aimed at the different UV curable adhesive photo agent to design and in General, the glue curing using a low pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps, UV intensity is lower, less power. Curing UV inks you need high pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps, high UV intensity, power is greater than that range from hundreds of Watts to thousands of Watts.

1. glue curing lamp is a low-pressure gas discharge lamp, power 6W/8W/15W/20/40W/60W/80W/100W/140W/300W/400W/500W, tube length 15mm-1800mm, ultraviolet wavelength of 300nm~400nm, Crest is 365nm, light intensity is greater than 4mW/cm2, with instantaneous cure, time saving, space saving, easy to control, without high temperature bake, Adaptability to a wide range of substrate, no pollution and so on. Apply film publishing, Crystal images, glass, glass furniture, glass sliding door, glass photo, tempered glass, Crystal and other large area bonding, fixing, assembling an indispensable quick-curing light.

2.UV/UV ink curing lamps are high pressure gas discharge lamps, used as a UV light source, its peak value of 365NM UV output, power density and UV output is strong, short curing time. Lamp can for into top type, and porcelain head leads two species, its face smaller, common power for 250W, and 400W, and 500W,1000W,2000W,3000W,5000W,8000W,, for Yu printing, and soft packaging printing, and home furniture industry, and decorative material, and paper glazing, and car and the motorcycle plastic parts, and printing business tank, and plastic packaging surface UV ink, and UV glazing oil curing, and while also is semiconductor printed circuit board, and signs, industry.