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LED UV Nail Lamp Curing Effect Is Good Aug 22, 2017

Amy women, often to nail polish, but nail polish dry for some time, encountered a hurry but just painted when, accidentally will be erased. So many women will use LED UV nail lamp curing nail polish. What is the role of LED UV nail light?

LED UV nail lamp is the main role of curing nail polish on nails, LED UV Nail Lamp nail polish is currently commonly used is UV nail polish, before the general use of mercury lamps to cure, but now more and more nail manufacturers are using uv light Curing machine to cure, mainly due to UV LED to cure low energy consumption, fast, LED UV Nail Lamp good curing effect, long life (mercury lamp is generally 500 hours, LED UV lamp can be more than 20,000 hours).

LED UV lamp nail lamp long life, about 30,000 hours; high purity and high efficiency UV irradiation, making nail polish curing faster, curing effect is more shiny, bright, bright, longer time; LED UV Nail Lamp the device does not have the heat radiation temperature and Depth UV light, UV quartz focus lens condenser, one-way linear transmission, accurate according to the nail, the UV will not burn to the skin, LED UV Nail Lamp and fully protect your fingers healthy; the device with four branches of radiation, for four independent Use, but also choose a branch, suitable for home or beauty shop use, you can reduce the cost of equipment supplies, while the device LED light does not contain mercury material, is a new energy-saving environmental protection products; the device also uses single-chip control, countdown Off, LED UV Nail Lamp so that UV curing time more accurate, fully protect your finger skin health; LED nail lamp to your nail UV curing faster, more efficient, more green, more secure, more environmentally friendly and healthier.

main feature: 

(1) focusing lens condenser, UV light unidirectional linear transmission, LED UV Nail Lamp accurately illuminated on the nail, the full protection of your slender fingers and eyes

(2) no heat radiation, according to the nail on no significant temperature rise

(3) long life, about 30,000 hours of life

(4) single-chip control, curing time more accurate, do not let your skin more than a second exposure to ultraviolet light

(5) light close to visible light, LED UV Nail Lamp narrow wavelength bandwidth, high purity, no deep UV, protect your eyes and skin

(6) using LED light, mercury-free material, green

(7) curing, so that your nails more shiny, bright, bright, more durable time

(8) Unique imported magnetic levitation motor fan cooling, LED UV Nail Lamp effective protection of nails, extended service life

(9) 365nm, 395nm multiple wavelengths to choose, to meet all the nail polish curing

(10) high purity and high efficiency UV light, curing time of 20 to 30 seconds, so that nail polish curing more efficient, faster, much higher than ordinary UV light