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LED UV Nail Light Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Sep 01, 2017

1, the principle: the use of nail polish in the light effect of solidification glue in the ultraviolet radiation will occur under the principle of curing reaction, nail color lamp is actually ultraviolet light. LED UV lamp light UV lamp wavelength is generally used in the 320-400nm, is a long wave of UV range, LED UV Nail Lamp will not cause serious damage to the skin, but will make the skin tan, aging.

2, LED UV nail light, also known as nail light therapy light. LED UV Nail Lamp Is dedicated to the nail process in the drying of light therapy, used for nail salon.

3, do light therapy nail, exfoliating skin thinning, if not coated sunscreen direct light treatment lamp more easily lead to skin aging. So short-term light treatment of light although harmless, but also pay attention to hand care and maintenance

LED UV nail light advantage

1, environmental protection, LED UV nail lamp is used in ultraviolet light, LED UV Nail Lamp and LED is a semiconductor light-emitting devices, no harmful substances, but because of the small size, not broken, easy to handle waste.

2, energy saving, LED is a low-power devices, the actual power consumption is very small, such as 2.5W products and the original 14W almost, so very energy efficient.

3, safe, not hot, and LED UV light is a cold light source, in use without heat, LED UV Nail Lamp even if the user to touch, it does not matter.

4, long life, LED UV lamp life is generally 35,000 hours, the use of short-term up to 50,000 hours or more, do not often need to change the lamp so much trouble, saving the use of cost.

5, easy to carry, LED UV nail light is a solid material, LED UV Nail Lamp not because of damage and damage.

6, save time, LED UV nail light dry time for 2 minutes to 3 minutes, greatly saving the working hours.