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LED UV Nail Light For The Drying Of Light Therapy Oct 30, 2017

LED UV nail light for nail beauty, baking applied to the surface of the nail or nail jewelry surface nail polish.

LED ultraviolet light nail lamp, including the face shell and located in the shell above the bottom shell, shell and shell between the shell with a bayonet structure, while the shell and the shell between the shell and the shell is set to One of the lock structure, the bottom shell with LED ultraviolet light nail light source, LED driver UV light armor light source work circuit board and light therapy lamp to provide power battery. LED UV Nail Lamp The invention is provided with a bounce type structure between the shell and the bottom shell and is locked by the locking structure to unlock the locking structure, and the light treatment lamp can be used when the shell and the shell are bounced, LED UV Nail Lamp Face shell and bottom shell lock as a whole, greatly reduced the size, easy to carry.

LED UV nail light, also known as nail light therapy light. Is dedicated to nail processes in the drying of light therapy, used for nail salon. LED ultraviolet light nail light there are two kinds of ultraviolet light, one is the LED light, the main peak wavelength of ultraviolet light = 370nm (this wavelength is visible light, LED UV Nail Lamp harmless to the eyes, but it is recommended not to look directly into the lamp), but can have a good Of the sterilization effect of drying.

Principle: the use of lanolin in the light effect of solidification glue in the ultraviolet radiation will occur under the principle of curing reaction, nail color lamp is actually ultraviolet light. LED UV lamp light UV lamp wavelength is generally used in the 320-400nm, LED UV Nail Lamp is a long range of ultraviolet light, the skin will not have a particularly serious injury, but will make the skin tan, aging.

Do light therapy nail, exfoliating skin thinning, if not coated sunscreen direct light treatment lamp more easily lead to skin aging. So short-term light treatment of light although harmless, LED UV Nail Lamp but also pay attention to hand care and maintenance.

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