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Nail Lamps Are Used More For Manicure Salons Jul 31, 2017

Nail lamp also known as the manicure light, in the nail process can improve the gel or nail oil drying curing speed, nail lamp is dedicated to the United States and a process in the drying of gel, Nail Lamp more for nail salon. Nail lamp There are two kinds of ultraviolet light, one is led lamp, ultraviolet peak wavelength =370nm (this wavelength is visible, harmless to the eyes, but advised not to look at the tube for a long time), Nail Lamp but can have good sterilization effect.

Principle: The use of nail oil gel in the light effect of gel in the ultraviolet irradiation will occur the principle of curing reaction, the United States and the light is actually ultraviolet lamp. Nail lamp used in the ultraviolet light wavelength generally in the 320-400nm, belongs to the range of long-wave ultraviolet rays, will not cause particularly serious damage to the skin, Nail Lamp but will make skin tan, aging.

Do the beauty of phototherapy, skin thinning after exfoliating, if not coated sunscreen direct light is more likely to cause skin aging. So the short light phototherapy lamp although harmless, but also should pay attention to hand care and maintenance.

Nail Lamp How to use it:

1. On the power outlet, the o/i switch to the position I.

2. Put the hand or foot into the machine body, Nail Lamp can set the time required, from 30 seconds-180 seconds.

3. When time is up, the UV light is automatically extinguished.

4. Please draw the bottom out when replacing the lamp and the cleaning lamp.

5. The bottom of the board can be extracted.