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Nail Poles For Nail Salons Jul 06, 2017

There are two types of nail lights, one is the UV lamp can not use other things instead, one is the LED lamp with a common desk lamp can be replaced.

Nail light, also known as nail light therapy light. Is dedicated to the nail process in the drying of light therapy, used for nail salon. Nail Lamp Generally in the nail process will wipe a nail on the nail a light therapy glue, can extend the nail with the force! Some nail will wipe the nail on a layer of nail polish, similar to nail polish, but easy to fall off than nail polish, generally can be maintained for more than a month, the price is more expensive than nail polish, generally only in the professional nail shop , Because the use of nail beauty must use nail light, that is, nail light therapy lamp, nail lamp there are two kinds of ultraviolet light, one is the LED light, the main peak UV wavelength = 370nm (this wavelength is visible light, harmless to the eyes But it is recommended not to look directly into the lamp), Nail Lamp but can have a good drying disinfection effect, generally a fingernail lamp has four lamps, 9W a, every 6 months please replace the lamp regularly, Do not look directly into the UV lamp, according to the gel production manual or UV lamp related instructions, not shortened or overtime use, to maintain the best results.

Environmental protection, ordinary nail lamp is used in UV lamp, and LED is a semiconductor light-emitting devices, no harmful substances, Nail Lamp but because of the small size, not broken, easy to handle waste.

Energy saving, LED is a low-power devices, the actual power consumption is very small, such as 2.5W products and the original 14W almost, so very energy saving.

Safe, not hot, the original ordinary nail light, the customer is not careful when used very easy to hot, because the lamp in the light when a high heat, the general temperature of 50-70 degrees, and some products to more than 80 degrees once People's hand hit the lamp, it will burn, and LED is cold light source, Nail Lamp when used without heat, even if the user to touch, it does not matter.

Long life, ordinary nail lamp lamp life of the general 3000-5000 hours, and some tubes less than 3000 hours, so often for the lamp, more trouble, but also increase the use of cost, and LED life Generally 35,000 hours, the use of up to 50,000 hours or more, do not often need to change the lamp so much trouble, saving the use of cost.

Easy to carry, ordinary nail lamp as a result of the use of the lamp, is fragile, Nail Lamp easy to damage the lamp when carrying, and LED is a solid material, not because of damage and damage.

Time-saving, this product uses LED nail glue, dry time for about 30 seconds, while the ordinary nail lamp dry time for 2 minutes to 3 minutes, significant savings in working hours。