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The Nail Lamp Meets The Lady's Pursuit Of Nail May 18, 2017

Nail lamp shape Variety fashion A, just have a fingernail, you can do it yourself! Nail light safe and reliable, will not release harmful and carcinogenic substances on the human body; not only can strengthen the QQ a lasting, easy to break easily, but also to a high brightness, A color appears more beautiful attention, and with automatic timing configuration, each Press once, Nail Lamp 30 seconds to quickly drying can be unloaded QQ nail glue, love for the DIY section of the lady is particularly convenient. Fingernails light and practical, with the brand can be unloaded QQ nail polish use, absolutely able to meet the ladies of the constant pursuit of nail.

Nail light operation is simple and convenient, Nail Lamp lightweight, nail effect can be comparable to the professional A shop light therapy machine

Even if the beginner can easily get started, to strengthen the removable QQ nail gel lasting, while not hurt a side and a skin

Anyone can act as a nail technician, anytime, anywhere, instant transfer!


1. Connect the transformer (AC adapter) to the lamp connection position, the red light can start to use

2. Press on / off once, immediately start 30 seconds automatically set (press twice as needed to automatically set 60 seconds, press the three lights off)

3. Complete the nail process, turn off the power and remove the transformer (AC adapter) can be

Nail light to open inside there is a light, that light is ultraviolet, so the nail lamp is actually an ultraviolet light, we painted nail glue only in the ultraviolet radiation will be dry.

Find out what the nail lamp is, Nail Lamp then it has no harm to the human body, in fact, that is, UV has no harm to the human body, ultraviolet rays in our lives are everywhere, as long as there is sunshine with ultraviolet light, and each of us Every day in the sun.

So for the nail light this short exposure, Nail Lamp the human body is not too much harm, but if the UV exposure time is too long, it will cause harm to the human body, especially the skin will cause particularly large Irritation, such as water loss, blackening, and even disease.