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UV Lamp Features Mar 04, 2017

UV lamp for gas discharge lamps, gas discharge lamps are divided into ARC glow discharge, commonly used in UV curing UV lamps for arc discharge lamp, its working principles are: quartz in vacuum tubes added quantitative high purity mercury (mercury), by providing a voltage difference to electrodes at both ends (pressure drop), producing a plasma discharge to produce UV radiation. UV lamp of power to meet requirements (General for 8 0-120W/cm); UV lamp of maximum life cannot over 1 200h, General recommends using 1 000h;UV lamp using 500h for once, maintenance a time two support UV lamp using Shi can alternating using, a support for using 500h, another a support for using 5,001 l 000h Zhijian of lamp; lamp cleaning and counterclockwise rotating 1/4 week Hou again using.