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UV Lamp Service Life Influence Factor Mar 04, 2017

(1) the design life. Effects of several factors on UV lamp life greatly. A, the wall load. Load lamp life is low, the same current, lamp diameter small, low life expectancy. B, the working voltage. Service life of lamp high voltage low. C, the power density. High intensity lamp life.

(2) material. Quality of the quartz glass tube wall a great effect on lamp life. High purity quartz glass good, no bubbles, smooth surface. Because pipe wall temperature is generally above 600 ℃ work, if not pure enough impurities, gasified on glass surface may occur, resulting in lots of tiny pits, effects of UV radiation out of the wall. -Made quartz tube eyes intuitive can see bubbles inside the wall, wall effects of ultraviolet radiation, bubbles formed at high temperature and high pressure air mass explosive rupture of the wall. Materials such as tungsten electrode surface with a layer of barium zirconate or other cathode materials. Tungsten cathode material and aging resistance, temperature resistance, direct effects of electrode life.

(3) processing technology. This factor is the most important factor restricting quality home made UV lamp. Affect the lamp life of the main processes are: clean the inner wall of the tube, vacuum, purity and injection of mercury, argon-filled volume, sintered electrode lead wire welding, cathode materials, etc. The entire process should be in place of advanced clean cathode sintered materials, such as welding and sealing should be done under vacuum conditions. Domestic production of UV lamp manufacturers do not have these conditions greatly affect the lamp life.