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UV Lamp Use Mar 04, 2017

1, low pressure UV lamp the germicidal lamp is mainly used for sterilization, and UV-B are mainly used for ultraviolet testing, medical treatment, and so on.

2, and strong UV high pressure mercury lamp by high quality of pure quartz pipe manufacturing and into, makes UV can high degree and the large of penetrating, its arc length/glow length can by 5 cm to 300 cm ranging, common power for each cm 30W to 200W, super power UV lamp General in each cm 200W or above operation, the lights spectrum effective range in 350-450nm Zhijian, main Crest for 365nm, has more than 700 multiple varieties, power by 100W-25kW. UV curing in English in the said UV Curing or UV Coating,UV curing is light chemical reactions, that liquid of UV irradiation can curing material by printing or coated cloth to printer real or artifacts surface, by UV light irradiation achieved hardening of process, UV curing and traditional of dry process similar, but principle different, traditional of dry General with Yu coated enough material in the solvent of volatile and formed hardening, and UV curing make joint is no solvent volatile.

3, metal halide lamps contain mercury and argon-mercury UV lamps and adds iron mixed elements, gallium iodide or other rare earth metals mixed. Mixed halogen lamps in iron increased 380hm as its highest peak. Mainly suitable for the curing of inks, paints, dry film, wet, green solder mask exposure. Take the color in the screen printing and curing, especially coating is thick and white, black, dry with outstanding results.