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UV Lamps Use Taboos Mar 04, 2017

1, prohibit direct touch UV UV lamp by hand, so as to avoid scratches or damage, or reduce the lamp life;

2, connection tubes must pay attention to the direction of the direction, otherwise it will cause damage to the lamp, life expectancy or UV lamp surface overheating occur;

3, due to great pressure within the UV lamp, do not bump, scratch damage, such as lamps;

4, do not have inflammable and explosive materials used such as thinner, it can cause a fire or explosion;

5, light UV lamps do not work directly with the naked eye to see, otherwise it will cause stinging eyes or eyesight;

6, do not allow direct exposure to ultraviolet light skin, otherwise easily lead to skin from ultraviolet radiation damage;

7, being lit by lamps or just put out the lamp do not touch, otherwise it will scald caused by any lamp or reflector surface temperature is too high;

8, do not use paper or cloth and other flammable materials close to the lamp you are using, or caused by the UV lamp surface temperature in a fire;

9, in a sealed space when opening the lamp exhaust, lamps made of ozone, serious damage on the human respiratory system;

10, try to avoid frequent opening and closing of the UV lamp, each switch will cause consumption and reduced lamp life lamp;

11, after at least 10 minutes after turning off the lamp restart, or open shade, otherwise it will cause lamp damage or burns;

12, install or replace the UV lamp, must turn off the power supply when cleaning lamp shade, it can easily lead to an electric shock;